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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How You Know...

You can just tell a mom of boys. They have a certain look.

Now don't get all nervous on me, Boys-R-Us Mom...

I'm just saying there are certain identifying markers.

M and I were on a date recently at a local place where there is a large open area dining patio. Adjacent to that patio is a nice playground that several of the area eateries share as a place for the kiddos of patrons to play. Kids were sliding down the slide, swinging to the heights, throwing landscaping bark at each other and skinning their knees.

And then I saw her. A mom of boys.

I knew immediately.

Because clipped to her fashionable belt were matching...wait for it...light sabers.

One on each hip, held for each of her sons as they played on the playground.

And so I just had to snap a pic with my cell phone.

Because this is definitely one way to identify a mom of boys...

light saber1

signature blog1

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