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Friday, April 3, 2009

It's Time for Another Edition Of.....

genome1 001
(cue the cheesy gameshow music...)

See that awesome photo up there? That's my maternal grandfather, the one who made the beautiful doll chiforobe I posted about last week, the creator of my little time machine treasure chest. What's especially sweet about this photo is that this is him in front of the Dr. Pepper truck he drove during World War II.

Now, I could just leave it at showing you this precious photo and let you go about preparing for the weekend and trimming your cuticles and slurping down the rest of your latte.

But, no.

I would feel remiss in my duty if I didn't make you play along. After all, I already had you take a look at this...and this...and this...

So are you ready for yet another round of NAME-THAT-GENOME?

You're such team players.

This is my grandfather at about 4 or 5 years old.

genome3 001
Adorable, n'est pas?

And here's a little bit close shot of those amazing eyes...

genome3 001edit

Now here's 2 of 8 at about the same age...

genome2 001edit

Let's take that puppy to sepia, shall we?

genome2 001editsepia

And now for the side-by-side comparison...

genome2 001editsepiagenome3 001edit

Thanks for playing, folks.  We now return to your regularly scheduled blog browsing.  See you next time!

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