Julie Lyles Carr: Kid Maturation 101...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kid Maturation 101...

Want to make your kid become more mature in 45 minutes?

I have cracked the code.

First, have the orthodontia appliances they've been sporting for the last five years, the braces and the head gear and the palatal expander and bands and all that jazz, have all that stuff removed.

Then, brush out their waist length hair, the style they've been sporting for many a season. Gather said hair and weave the bottom 13 inches of it into a braid.


Then whack it off.

Next, photograph the results.


And there you have it, a five-to-six year visual maturation process condensed to a 45 minute session.

Now to figure out how to keep boys away from her....

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