Julie Lyles Carr: ShutterBug

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


While on one of our recent trips for 2 of 8's dance competitions, 7 of 8 discovered a passion for photography...

...or maybe just cameras...


She never did quite figure out which direction she was supposed to hold the camera or if it was right side up or if the lens should face to her or away from her...


But she did love demanding that her sissies shout, "Cheese!" many, many times in a row.

Now if we can just show her where the button is that would actually take the picture...

Now I'll completely change subjects from Wordful Wednesday and jump over to my amazing friend Thea. She's throwing a little Mother's Day giveaway at her jewelry site, Designs on Heaven. Head on over, say howdy and check out her amazing new designs. If you're in her area, click on the link that says Spring Show. She'll be hosting an Open House this Friday, showcasing her latest concepts. Be sure and enter to win an amazing piece for Mother's Day!

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