Julie Lyles Carr: Commuter Prom

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Commuter Prom

When you homeschool, you sometimes have to go to a few extra lengths to experience some elements of 'regular' high school.
Take, for example, 1 of 8 going to prom this year.

prom 050

She headed to California.

The Amazing Nick extended the prom invitation and we responded by sticking 1 of 8 on a plane and letting her jet over to the West Coast.

prom 053

(The Amazing Nick is 6'7"...and 1 of 8 is.not. So I'm thinking The Amazing Nick is crouching substantially in this photo...)

We are so cosmopolitan.

prom 104

A great time was had by all, except for the part where 1 of 8 came down with the stomach flu and we had to change all of her flight reservations and wring our hands while Nick's mom took care of her.

She arrived home last night, a little thinner, very tired and with her mental pockets full of great memories.

I wonder where we'll have to send 2 of 8 to prom...Boston? Jacksonville? Seattle?

prom 096

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