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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's Official...


It's Official...there are now two two-year-olds in the house.

Let the fun begin!

While, yes, we do have eight kids, and while, yes, you would think that I would have a bit of experience with two year olds, this is our first crack at, um, guiding two two year olds at the same time.

I have a feeling that my caffeine consumption will be come even more obscene.

7 of 8 approached her cake and candle with a bit of hesistancy, fully enjoying the festive visage set before her...


And 8 of 8 thinks that forks are pointless...


They each received a bath towel with their names embroidered on the hood. They insisted on wearing them for the evening, looking like little pastel Jawas...(that's Star Wars talk for the uninitiated...)



They opened presents, squabbled over each others' gifts, encrusted themselves in cake and ice cream, hit their sugar highs and then submitted to what my awesome neighbor JT called a pre-rinse as we tried to undo the damage in the bathtub.


And so the adventure begins, a duo of toddlerhood, a team of toddlers, a mob of moppets.

I think I need more coffee...

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