Julie Lyles Carr: Mixed Bathing...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mixed Bathing...


Part of the twins' two year old bash was opening a gift from the Octamom Parental Units.

It was an inflatable pool with enough square footage to appropriately drench several
members of the Octamom crew.

Its inflation was met with great delight.


8 of 8 was particularly fond of the sprayers that are featured on the sides of the pool...we're all about high tech around here.


These sprayers are extremely effective in rinsing the sinus cavities as well, as pictured above.

2 of 8 has been itching to get her hands on my big camera, my Canon 40D. So I (gulp) let her stand a safe distance away and capture the water antics.


I'm thinking she's got a pretty good eye and fast trigger finger on her, if I do say so myself.


Of course, I am a bit partial to her models...

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