Julie Lyles Carr: Play Time

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Play Time

I was going to delve into some more inquiries from QuestFest...but I got a little distracted by my photography efforts from Memorial Day weekend. We spent a delightful afternoon hiking the lake trails in our amazing city's downtown park, me following our crew, clicking away. While I came away from the afternoon with a memory card full of images, I got to playing with this shot of 1 of 8...and just kept playing and playing and playing...

1 of 8 has a penchant for wearing hats. She loves them and doesn't seem fully dressed without them. This floppy white number has been a long favorite and our little hiking excursion was no excuse to leave the floppy white number at home.

I like seeing 1 of 8 with a letter box frame around her. I like seeing her in a straight shot. I like seeing her in a grainy finish.

...and black and white...

...and softer...

...and closer...

But I suppose the main thing that strikes me in the different versions of this image is that she has become a young woman. It's happened. She has gone from wearing princess crowns and crazy ski hats to creating her own style, her head held high, a Cheshire grin on her face.

And a sense of identity and history in her eyes.

When did all that happen?

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