Julie Lyles Carr: Sunday Selah

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Selah

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it."
Isaiah 30:21

We mothers spend a lot of time behind, don't we?

Behind the wheel of the car, running kids to soccer practice and the dance studio.

Behind a grocery cart, filling our baskets.

Behind the scenes of the birthday festivities, the holiday memories.

Behind a seven year old determined to roller blade, hanging on to her belt loop for dear life.

Behind a stroller, pushing a baby down the sidewalk.

Behind a toddler, their little hands gripping tightly to our fingers as they take tentative toddling steps, fighting for balance.


And what an amazing position of influence that can be.

When the Israelites had blown it yet again, the Lord laid out His plan for their restoration and one of the amazing promises He made to them through the prophet Isaiah was this: the Lord said that He would restore their prophets and teachers to them and that they would hear, as they walked out the journey of their lives, a voice behind them, instructing them in the way they should go.

A voice.

A voice from behind.

When we walk out the mandate of our motherhood in our children's lives, we can speak to them from that place of support and influence. As we hold their hands, teaching them how to walk with the Lord, we can whisper from behind, "This is the way, baby. God is love. Walk this way, child. Here is the narrow gate. Turn this way. Jesus saves you."

While Mother's Day is a wonderful celebration of the women who raise us, I'm sensitive to the fact that it can be a painful day for some. Perhaps your mother is not the one who was primary in your childhood, for whatever reason. Perhaps this is your first Mother's Day since your mother went to be with the Lord. Perhaps you have longed for motherhood yourself and that dream has not come to pass. I honor your hurt, your longing.

And may I encourage you in this.

That within the body of Christ, we all can have the experience of spiritual motherhood. We can all receive the gift of having an older woman in the Lord hold on to our shaking hands, to help pull us to our feet, to help us walk in the way. And those spiritual mothers can be our voice from behind, reminding us of the way, encouraging us to walk in it.

And we can do likewise for the spirit babies God places in our hands. The neighbor who needs the Lord. The co-worker struggling in her faith. The niece or nephew who needs godly counsel. We can then become the voice behind, speaking into the next generation.

The mandate of motherhood, the place of influence.

To become the voice from behind, speaking life.

Happy Mother's Day.


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