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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You Can't Fight Nature...

6 of 8 is not used to alone time. It's just not something you experience much of when you are the sixth of eight children.

Or when you are royalty.

So you see Princess 6's dilemma.

So when 6 of 8's roommate sibling 4 of 8 went for a spend the night last week, 6 of 8 was left with the daunting possibility of having to bunk it on her own for the night. And 6 of 8 without an audience simply won't do.

So she decided to ask 5 of 8 if she could have a 'slumber party' in his and 3 of 8's room for the evening. While 5 of 8 is generally a fairly stable personality in our vat of quirky, he threw something that could have been categorized as right on the brink of a fit.

Intervention was needed to sort out this opposition to 6 of 8's request and the following conversation ensued:

5 of 8: I just don't want her spending the night in my room. No! I just don't!

Mediator: We're going to need a better reason than just 'no'...

5 of 8: Okay. Well, it's just that she won't be quiet. She talks and talks and talks and I'm exhausted and she'll talk a long time! She's so....chatty!

(At this point, 6 of 8 can't restrain herself any longer and must chime in...)
6 of 8: Yes, yes, that's true! I am chatty! That is the way I am! I am just a chatty, chatty girl! That's just me! I have to chat. When you are a chatty girl, you just chat and I am a chatty girl!

5 of 8: eye roll and audible, prolonged sigh....

6 of 8 did get to slumber party in her brothers' room that night, making many a promise that, in spite of her natural proclivities, she would try to refrain from being quite so chatty. Maybe just a little chatty.

Because, after all, she is a chatty girl.

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