Julie Lyles Carr: Giveaway Winner...and a Quiz!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Giveaway Winner...and a Quiz!

So the good folks at JumpStart let me throw a little giveaway in honor of the launch of their new cd series and their online site.
So several of you good folks threw you name in the hat to win a free three month membership to the JumpStart site.

And all you had to do was watch this little video and tell me how cute my kid was...

And so now, drum roll please....

the winner is, according to www.random.org, Number #17....


...which would be McMGrad89, Mommy Victory! Congrats, congrats!

And for the rest of you, never fear. I have chance for you to win a thousand points if you can guess the location of the architecture in the following photos...



On your mark, get set.....GUESS!!!!!!
(Points are purely an arbitrary system of creating competiveness and a reward system that is completely psychological and not material in nature. Awarding points is at the behest of the blog author and will be awarding at the completion of the correct answer. Points may be used for good feelings, a sense of accomplishment and a right to declare oneself the winner. Points may also be transferred to others if the winner should desire to spread that feeling of achievement. Points do not have an expiration date and may be consumed at any time.)

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