Julie Lyles Carr: Haulin'

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This is me. Yesterday. All day.
Eating up road. Clicking away at the odometer. Haulin'. Truckin'.

Vanin'...to be most correct.

And this would be a van full of excited children.

Can't you just see the joy on their little faces? Don't you see the appreciation they have for our national interstate highway system? Isn't it amazing how much they are enjoying the open road, the wide vistas, the cultural experiences?

(Now don't worry...2 of 8 was taking the above shots...I wasn't steering, setting the self-timer, taking photographs and trying to stay in my lane...)
After many hours and potty breaks and unhealthy food, we arrived back safely in our driveway.

And the cargo flood gates open...
I call this next shot Van Vomit.

I'm poetic that way.

But you already knew that.

And here's the money shot; Daddy arrives in from the office to welcome the crew after not seeing those babies for a week...


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