Julie Lyles Carr: Hittin' the Road

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hittin' the Road


By the time you may be reading this, I'll be on the road again, heading down the highway from what I consider my adult hometown to my new town. I've got plenty of adventures to tell you about...once I slog through the kids' laundry from MiMi and PaPa Camp, once I try to vacuum out the van without burning out yet another motor on a vacuum cleaner, once I kiss my husband long and hard, once I hug 1 of 8 for a long time.
But I thought I'd post a little montage of the people and scenes that have been part of my trip, a potpourri of faces and places. It's always bittersweet to leave. It is always such a powerful reminder of home and love, laughter and heart.

So think of me today. I'll eat some Happy Meal nuggets for you in a little town just north of the Red River. I'll toast you as I drink my seventh cup of coffee. And then I plan on catching up with all of you this week, my virtual hometown of bloggy faces and places that have become such a sweet part of my daily routine.

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