Julie Lyles Carr: Mimi & PaPa Camp '09

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mimi & PaPa Camp '09


One of the reasons for heading for the red dirt of Oklahoma last week was so that Octamom Kids 2-6 could head up to Grand Lake O' the Cherokees for the annual MiMi and PaPa Camp. Mike's mom and dad host the kids up at their cabin for a 5 day extravaganza of boating, crafting, napping, reading, cooking, smore-ing and the like. Attendance at MiMi and PaPa Camp requires that you are of a certain mature age (as in, five years old or older--with a inclusion clause for if you are almost five...such is the mercy of MiMi and PaPa...)

The kids absolutely adore this time with their grandparents and their cousins. Mike's sister and her husband have three kiddos, bringing the grand total of campers up to eight this year. I headed up on Sunday afternoon to pick up my brood and breathe in the memories that the lake cabin brings.

This would be 5 of 8, my nephew CV and 6 of 8.


They're thick as thieves, I tell ya.

They somehow always seem to end up in this configuration, CV bookended by 5 and 6.


And 6 of 8 seems to have this need to lean on CV. Maybe it's because her brothers wouldn't allow this kind of girly affection. But CV is strong. He can take a little cousin snuggle.

That affection tolerance does not extend to me, however.

Understand that I have Aunt Superpowers. I am Extended Family Catnip to my other nieces and nephews. Except for CV. He is not won over by the power of my personality.

At all.

We have made a bit of progress over the years. He will now allow me to pat the top of his head.


And he will allow me to photograph him.


Yea, he's pretty much an intoxicating blend of blond curls and utter rejection for me.

All of which makes him irresistible.

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