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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Name That Video...

These are the home videos that defy a simple printed label to identify their recorded contents.
Because I live with children who defy simple labels.

This one started innocently enough. 5 of 8 likes the idea of making our own 'show'. So I told him that we could take the video camera with us to Costco while we shopped for Michael's birthday dinner ingredients and for a gift.

That would have been a simple label for the video.

"Summer 2009. Mike Bday Preparation."

But, then we wouldn't have gotten this on tape.

Let's see. So the title options are....Costco...or Look at My Shoe....or.....

Deep Theological Conversations on the Apparent Absent Morale Compass of Chihuahuas and Their Inclusion Into the Genus of Mammal.
Yea, I think that's it.

Unless you have a better idea.

Which I would love to entertain.

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