Julie Lyles Carr: Reflecting on Our Words, Episode 5

Monday, June 1, 2009

Reflecting on Our Words, Episode 5

Our words adventures continue. At the beginning of this year, four precious blog friends and I all shared our word for the year and have posted a little something about that word at the end of each month. This month, we each developed a collage of words and images conveying what is speaking to us. Some of us (read here, not me) got really fancy and pulled out the magazines, scissors and glue and dedicated this imagery to canvas...and then some of us (read here, me) went digital since I don't seem to have a fluid bottle of Elmer's left in the house...

What follows are our creations for May.
My word is EXCELLENCE:
MirusPeg came up with this collection for her word, BALANCE:
Balance, Desire & Persistence

AVT Coach put together this image for her word, ABUNDANCE:
Abundance May Post

MommyVictory got out those scissors and glue to put together her word, DISCIPLINE:

And the Fly Girl wrought this expression for her words of FAITH and JOY:
WordCollage3DSCF2372 (1)

We would love to see what words are guiding you this year and how you are keeping those words before your eyes as we head down the path of 2009. Let us know how your words are shaping your world!

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