Julie Lyles Carr: Rewriting History

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rewriting History


I love my digital scrapbooking.

I really do.

But there is still something so magical about sitting down with a heavy photo album laid across your lap, slowly flipping the thick pages of pictures and memories.

I used to avidly paper scrapbook, back in the day when I was Triomom and Quatromom. I had a spot where all my supplies were in easy reach for me and protected from little creative hands. I have several volumes completed from the Trio and Quatro eras…and they continue to be perennial favorites with all the kids.

Though it does tend to make the younger kids ask where the albums of their early lives are.

To which I respond, “Somewhere under the laundry pile.”

Which is subtle code for, “My consuming hobby is now laundry, and no, I’m not being a martyr. Mostly.”

3 and 7 of 8 have been looking through some of the albums as of late. They particularly like the one recording the months immediately preceding 3 of 8’s birth up to his arrival and the first precious weeks of his infanthood.


7 of 8 is enchanted with the pictures of ‘Baby’.

And it is so fascinating to hear 3 of 8 tell her of his history, the stories we have passed down to him of the events leading up to his birth, of his older sisters’ excitement, of who they were as children, of the transition from a family of two children to three.


The oral tradition of storytelling continues.

And one day, when the laundry is somewhat caught up, I will again pull out the paper scrapbooking supplies. And I will print these pictures. And I will create a scrapbook spread about 3 and 7 of 8 looking at scrapbooks.



Which means I will then be scrapbooking about scrapbooking.

Which is probably the dividing line between hobby and obsession.

I'm thinkin'.

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