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Monday, June 29, 2009

Scooter Parking...

6 of 8's scooter is missing.

Missing, I tell you.


Its three wheel, Barbie-licensed pink glory gone.


5 of 8 and 6 of 8 begin a hard target search investigation last evening.

They discuss where she had the scooter last.

They check the outside extremities of the property.

No luck.

They reconvene in the foyer, plotting new search maps and trying to figure out if ninjas have absconded with a three-wheel fuchsia Barbie scooter.

6 of 8 begins a bit of dramatic hand-wringing.

5 of 8 assures her he will do all he can to locate her missing transportation.

More searching proceeds.

And then we hear it, a triumphant shout from the depths of the house. A shout of victory. A shout of accomplishment.

A shout of treasure found.

"6 of 8," he yells. "6 of 8! I found it! I found it! I found your scooter!!!!"

"It was in the guest bathroom...~"

Of course.

Don't you ride your Barbie scooter to the bathroom?

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