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Friday, June 26, 2009

Template Thoughts....

As a kid, I loved to rearrange my bedroom furniture.

dresserWhat would start as a routine session to pick up my Pee Chee folders off the floor and put away my Shaun Cassidy records would turn into a full-out room redo, dragging my Sear's French Provincial Collection furniture across the cream shag carpet of my bedroom.

(photo credit from ths.gardenweb.com)

And I got worse after I got married.

Mike has not been a big fan of my late-night estrogen-rush room makeovers.

I've reformed a bit. I still have to drag huge pieces of furniture around on ocassion just to make me feel like a woman. But I have to say, all the relocation activities in my life over the last five years have kinda sorta cured me of furniture manipulation issues.

And besides, that's what a blog layout is for.

You don't throw your back out and your husband doesn't get frustrated when you want to put it all back the way you had it before.

I've found it quite fulfilling to repaint and paper my blog depending on my mood and on the season. Let's take a little walk down memory lane, shall we?

Here's one of my early attempts at a blog header incorporating some of my photography...


Here's one from last fall...I think this is one of my favorites. But then, fall is my favorite season.

blog header fall

Of course I had to put together a little something special for Christmas...

xmas header

Ringing in 2009 seemed to need its own special header...

jan backgrd1

And then there are these little designs...

valentine header

spring header edit3



So I'm feeling that itch to do a little blog rearranging and I thought I'd check in with you, see if you wanted to drag around a little blog Sears French Provincial with me, as it were.

Beyond the decor and wallpaper, what kind of features do you like to see on a blog? What makes things easy to find, what widgets, gidgets and gadgets command your attention and respect and which ones just make you a little crazy? What are some things you would like to see here at Octamom.com to enhance your experience? Share, share.

And when we're done rearranging, maybe we can listen to some of my Shaun Cassidy records...

Da Do Ron Ron Ron, Da Do Ron Ron....

signature blog1
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