Julie Lyles Carr: Triple Play

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Triple Play

First, my apologies. I've been an abysmal blog pen pal over the last few days. Abysmal.

But I have a good reason.

I have been driving hundreds of miles with small children. By myself.

See, I'm not a blogging slacker.

I've brought seven of the kids up to Oklahoma to visit family. Five of the seven have peeled off to go to the lake with MiMi and PaPa. The twins and I are staying with my mom and dad.

Did you catch that? The twins and I.

As in, no big kids to help me, no younger kids to distract them.

The twins and I. I am tired.

But there was a bit of a break in the baby chasing last evening when my youngest brother and his wife headed to my folks house and brought their kiddos. It was a Cousin Fest.

This is my youngest niece, CL. She was born 4 months after the twins.

They are all toddler buddies.

But they are not the most photographically cooperative group. I wanted to get an adorable shot of the three of them, lined up like little ducks, grinning for the camera. This was as close as I got.

Unless you want to count this...

...which I think I will...

So if you've left a comment and I haven't responded yet, never fear. I hear ya. I read ya. I'm still here.

I'm just trying to keep toddler twins from ripping down the sheet rock at my parents' house.

My parents frown on that kind of thing.

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