Julie Lyles Carr: Who's Up For a Giveaway?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Who's Up For a Giveaway?

Let's Jump Start summer, shall we?

With, say, a little giveaway?

How about one that's educational and will keep your kids occupied for hours?

Yea, I thought you might be interested.

So let's begin.

First, watch this little video and then come back to tell me how cute my kid is:

We loved going through this new program. 5 of 8 has been happily achieving new levels everyday and I get a little email update from time to time telling me how he is doing. The JumpStart disc set actually allows you to identify what kind of learner your child is: Reader, Athlete, Musician, Team Leader, Artist, Scientist and Math Whiz. The online site, www.JumpStart.com, offers new adventures and friends. Your child can also develop their own avatar, called Jumpeez, to represent them on their adventures.

So here's the dealio: watch my little video, come back here and comment and you will be entered to win a three month membership to JumpStart.com. Tweet about it and get another chance, blog about it and get yet another chance. The contest will close Thursday, June 18 at 11:59 pm and the winner will be announced on Friday, June 19th. Best of luck to you all--and don't forget to tell me how cute my kid is....

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