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Friday, July 10, 2009

And The Winner Is.....

So I'm snuggled up in my precious friend's gorgeous guest bedroom. She and her husband have the courage, pity and insanity to allow moi and sept of my huit children (I'm feeling awfully cultured in this beautiful room...)to stay with them while 2 of 8 is competing in Nationals for dance. The competition just oh-so-conveniently happened to be scheduled in my friend's city and lucky for me, she and her hubby and sons are the most gracious hosts.

While thusly snugged, I'm going all legalistic on you. I'm still pretty hopped up after a full day of driving and wrestling twins in a darkened auditorium for two and half hours.

Short bunny trail: I have found if you purchase a six pound bag of Dum-Dums lollipops prior to going into the Nationals competition venue, you can successfully distract and quiet your toddler twins by shoving Dum-Dums in their mouths every five minutes. This particular tactic works well for 47 minutes. And then the sugar rush hits.

Back to my legalism.

It's just moments after midnight. It's officially Friday. So I'm snugged, all tucked in, hopped up on caffeine and ready to announce the winner of the Family Constitution Giveaway. Because I said I would. And it's now been Friday for almost 10 minutes.

I know how much you all appreciate my incredible adherence to the letter of the giveaway law.

Many thanks to all of you who entered. You were enthusiastic, you were hopeful. And in the end.....drumroll please.....the winner, according to Random.org is....

DARLENE of My Soulmate is a Trucker!

Congrats, congrats Darlene! Email me at octamom@octamom.com and I'll get you in touch with Mr. Gale so he can get your book on the way to you!

And you gotta appreciate Darlene for this...she commented, she tweeted, she my-spaced and fb'd. The girl was serious, serious, I tell you. And yes, I just used my-spaced and fb'd as verbs. And I didn't even feel the need to capitalize them.

I go a little maverick after midnight.

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