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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cell Mates

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I know she only looks like she's 14, but JK has been my best bud from our college days.

And unless she started at the university pre-womb, my math shows that JK and I have enjoyed a twenty year friendship.

Most of it conducted over the phone.

Because not long after we decided we were long lost sisters and could complete each other's sentences and got each other's senses of humors and found out we were pregnant with our first babies within a few weeks of each other, I up and moved.

And so the phone connection started.

j&j phones
That short amount of time at the end of our college days was the only time JK and I lived in the same locale. But she is absolutely part of my daily life.

For twenty years we have talked on an almost daily basis. I call her from the middle of the grocery store to ask about certain ingredients. She calls me from bookstores for that latest title I told her about. We email, we text, we leave voice messages and we talk.

A lot.

And then there are the road trips.

We've always tried to see each other as often as we could. After JK and her husband and boys moved a couple of states away, our drive to each other was tripled.

But no matter.

We still see each other often.

So we can talk some more.

JK and her husband and three of her four boys were in town to see us last week. JK and I always laugh that the only pictures we seem to have of ourselves are when we are pregnant or frazzled at the end of a long road trip to see each other. So we took a little time to slap on some mascara, slick on some lip gloss and manufacture a little photo shoot. 1 of 8 manned the camera for us.

I was so thrilled to have these.

j&j bw
And I'm thinking JK and I just need to make it a date. Every twenty years, we do the BFF Photo Shoot.


Because we have to prove that we're more than just cell phone junkies.


We are cell soul sisters.

Miss you, Girl. Call me.

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