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Friday, July 17, 2009

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year....

So I'm a little kid birthday party weary.

It's just that after doing many years of Chuck-Bleh-Cheese Gouging Extravaganzas and full-out-every-thing-Pocahontas-Snow White-name-your-Disney-princess soirees, I just sorta kinda petered out.

I choose to believe it's not a bad thing.

So when schedules collided and it turned out that 6 of 8 would be celebrating her birthday while we were on the road for 2 of 8's Nationals competition, we engaged in a little 'party where you're temporarily planted' kind of a thing.

Hence, the Sam Moon 6 year old birthday bash.

That's my precious and brave friend CB who allowed us to stay with her...and partially vomit on her carpet....
2, 4 and 6 of 8 were raring to go, to hike the aisles of purses and such, to hunt for hidden treasure among the imports.

bday girl
6 of 8 was a bit overwhelmed when we entered the dazzling confines of the Sam Moon warehouse (a huge superstore of all things accessories). But she quickly overcame her bedazzled bewilderment and began piling all sorts of vibrant items in her basket.

bday girl2
And she came home with a haul...new duffel bag, new train cases, new purse and a couple of necklaces for good measure. She was quite delighted with her finds.

4 of 8 also did a little shopping with some money that was burning a hole in her pocket.

bday girl3
And then what's a techie family to do when they have to spend a birthday separated by a stretch of highway? Well, they Skype, of course!

bday girl5

It pretty much beat a ChuckE Cheese bash...any day.

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