Julie Lyles Carr: Le Tour De Octa, Stage 27.1456

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Le Tour De Octa, Stage 27.1456

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~On the Shores of Lake Michigan~

I'm still on the road.

By the time I pull back into ye ol' driveway, I will have clocked in 3000 miles of drive time.

In 11 days.

Shouldn't have somebody stopped me? Isn't there anyone out there who can show some care for my sanity?

Along the way, I've been picking up bits and highlights of the riders in France making their trek in the Tour de France. They've now gotten to drink their champagne while cruising the streets of Paris. There have been flowers and accolades.

Bunch of punks. Try being trapped in a 15 passenger van with a bunch of small kids and a fermenting sippy cup lost somewhere under one of the seats. I'll show you grit and perseverance.

Where's my yellow jersey, pray tell?

But all in all, a great time has been had by Team Octa and we've only had one road puke, which counts for high points in my book.

And I've taken lots and lots of pictures, which I will be posting with great abandon over the next few days.

I'll give you just a taste here...

michigan trip 038edit
Serious windshield time.

That's my view.

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