Julie Lyles Carr: Water Play

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Water Play

Remember the poor friends we invaded about a week and a half ago for the use of their guest room and how we ended up christening their carpet with emesis? Remember? The road trip prior to the road trip I'm presently on? (Did you follow that?)
Yea, those folks.

Well, for quite a while now, the wife of that duo, CB, has been telling me that I needed to bring the kids for a weekend and go to their neighborhood pool.

And I thought, "Well, ah, okay. But we have a neighborhood pool just around the corner. So the pool quotient is not so high."

Until we actually went to their pool on this latest visit.

We entered the pearly pool gates.

We looked around.

And 3 of 8 declared, "This is the son of Schlitterbahn!"

And it was.

There were six different pools, a water play park, a waterfall, two water slides, a lap pool and a fantastic baby pool, a lagoon pool with a beach entrance. It was a water extravaganza, I tell ya...

And I would have loved to have shown it all to you....

And I should have made all kinds of awesome pictures...

But I got a little busy going down one of the water slides...

And shrieking...


And so I somehow only ended up with a couple of 7 of 8 pictures and one or two of 6 of 8.
I knew you would understand.

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