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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beam Me Up...

I'll admit it.

I'm a Trekkie.

Not to be confused with the more zealous Trekker.

I'm just back in the fan gallery, not the 'Go to the Conventions' group.

I speak, of course, of Star Trek.

I watched as a kid. I watched as a high schooler. I watched as a college student. I watched as a young mom. And now as a, uh, a-hem, mature mom, I still watch. Original Series, Next Gen, Voyager.

But I just never got Deep Space Nine.

And I don't think I was alone in that.

But I digress.

While some might argue that I wasted precious hours of my life watching Kirk, Spock, Picard and Tuvok plum the depths of the galaxy, I believe it simply has made me a woman before my time.

Take last night's agenda for example.

First there was the two hour physical and occupational therapy session for 7 of 8. On the way home was the critical Costco trip to procure more dairy and carbohydrate supplies for a ravenous family. Once arriving home was the 45 minute quick clean up and put away groceries session, followed by a relaxing gulped-down dinner. Then it was off to the dance school for two of the kids, then the screaming streak across town to get another kid to youth group, followed by the 30 minute session called 'Sitting in the Parking Lot With Two Unhappy Toddlers' while rush hour traffic was allowed a chance to dissipate. Once the rush hour gridlock was quelled, it was time to drive halfway back across the city to the dance school to pick up one of the dancers. Then was the quick trip back to the house, quickly followed by another trek to the church to pick up the youth group-er and then another swing out to the dance school to get the remaining dancer, then back to the house.

There is an oil rig in Venezuela with my name on it.

All that said to prove my point: I obviously had greater faith that by this time in my life, NASA would have perfected transporter technology which would have allowed me to have had a transporter unit in my home by which I could beam the children to their various activities. Smirk if you must, but what is a Star Trek communicator if not a cell phone? What is Bones's medical scanner if not a miniature MRI? I don't believe I set my sights too high.

It's just maddening that NASA budget cuts came before the in-home transporter could have been made a reality.

As I state, I am a woman before my time.

Expect for when I'm running behind time trying to be four different places at once....

(Last chance to sign up for the Smelly Laundry Giveaway--I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow!)

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