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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Can't Help Myself

I know I've already sung the praises of cute little Holland, Michigan, where 2 of 8 attended a Cecchetti Ballet intensive.

But I've got all these other pictures.

And you just have to see 'em.

Plus, it's my 500th post.

So I'm feeling a little sassy and entitled to post what I want.

Holland it is.

My Dr. Sis-in-Law and I couldn't get over these flowers. As a matter of fact, we circled back with a screaming toddler in tow to the flower bed where these gorgeous things were bursting with color, all so I could get a few shots. 1000 points to the first reader who can tell me what these are...they're not sunflowers or Black-Eyed Susans. They almost look like echinacia, but I've only seen echinacia with purple petals.


And then there were the buildings. This lion sconce graced a bank building. I also love the rosette just above it.


The contrasting brick work on the windows and as the threshold for the door on this building caught my eye...


And I just have to throw in one more shot of the bank building. The stone was so beautiful and creamy.


Winner of My Favorite Quote on a Bookstore: 'these trees shall become my books--w. shakespeare"...on the Treehouse Bookstore.


This kitty was the resident cat for a beautiful little flower shop. We tried to honor the sign in the window and not tap on the glass to get his attention. But he definitely captured the attention of several of the kids.

So ends this little pictorial tour of Holland. But never fear; I have more pictures. And I'm really not working for the Holland Tourism department. Really.

Though I wouldn't mind a little comp for my hotel stay there.

Just sayin'....

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