Julie Lyles Carr: Did I Mention I Love My Canon?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Did I Mention I Love My Canon?

big red1
They call it 'Big Red' up on Lake Michigan.

Though it's really not all that big.

But the red lighthouse that stands sentry over the channel connecting Lake Macatawa with Lake Michigan makes a big statement, nonetheless. Its birth name is Holland Harbor Light....but I have to throw in a vote with the locals. Big Red just fits. And this from an OU Sooners fan who feel a bit of proprietary right to the moniker Big Red....

big red2

I was simply captivated.

lake michigan3

It was a dazzle of a day, the red of the lighthouse punctuating the azure of the sky, the buff sand disappearing into the slate blue of the water. One of those brilliant afternoons that makes poets out of skeptics.
And then there was the company.

That would be my amazing Dr. Sis-in-Law and my precious niece who were brave enough to saddle up and make part of our trek with us.

And the afternoon was further sweetened by being reunited with 2 of 8 after two weeks, her ballet bun and stage makeup still in evidence as we strolled on the shore.

There's just something about kids at the seashore, whether salt or fresh water.

lake michigan3
Miss 6 of 8 would like to introduce you to this little pond she found...

lake michigan5
All in all, a very photographically satisfying day.

Which brings me to a little introduction.

If you'll notice up on the left sidebar, I've put the camera and lens information about what I shoot with (or should it be with which I shoot?). I'm so flattered that so many of you are curious as to what kind of equipment I use and this is an opportunity to introduce you to some of my favorite things and a couple of items that are on my wish list. It's a way of letting you see my product recommendations based on what I use and what I like.

And for me, my beloved camera is my favorite souvenir. It's the artistic means by which I can bring home with me the sights that inspire me and leave me breathless.

big red3
And then share them with you.

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