Julie Lyles Carr: Didja Miss Me, Didja Miss Me, Huh?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Didja Miss Me, Didja Miss Me, Huh?

I'm really still around.

Though you couldn't tell it from my recent habits as a blog pen pal.

Michael and I headed out of town last week (yes, I was on the road again...) to celebrate our twentieth anniversary. I wrote up a few posts ahead of time but then tried to stay off the computer while we were away.

Hence my poor performance in responding in a timely matter to your comments.

Hence my better performance at being an attentive wife.

But I'm back now. Mike heads back to the office. The kids' dance classes begin again. And then there's that little project I'm overseeing called home educating my children.

Back to the day-to-day.

It's not a bad thing, you know. We've loved our time off and our time away. And I love our more regular routine as well. The mornings at the table with my 'bowl' of coffee (as Mike accurately has named it) and the kids at their books, the washing machine humming in the background and the giggles of the twins as they empty every drawer and cupboard in the nursery. The time away is refreshing...and it also makes me grateful for the school days, the errand days, the busy days and the slower ones. Because those are the days that have made up these twenty years with this amazing man I'm married to and those days are the ones that make up the backdrop of my time with my children.

Vacations are good.

Holidays are wonderful.

And plain ol' Mondays can be just quietly blessed.

So I've missed you. I'm off to catch up on the news in your lives, to answer your emails and to look at your pictures. And on this plain ol' Monday, I'm very aware of how glad I am to have this little window called a computer screen into your worlds and into the friendships that have developed via the web.

I'm glad to have a plain ol' Monday to catch up with you.

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