Julie Lyles Carr: The Fedora

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Fedora

He had to have it.

Had to.

5 of 8 is my very easy going child. He doesn't ask for much, rarely whines, gets along, strolls through life.

So when he spotted this fedora and absolutely begged to bring it home, what was I supposed to do? He had birthday money burning a hole in his pocket.

A fedora purchase was made.

He looks like a miniature member of the Rat Pack.

As easy going and mellow as 5 of 8 is, he does posses an uncanny awareness of 'the ladies'. He just likes the girls, funny, older, younger, taller, shorter. He's not pushy, he's not overt; he just appreciates the species.

And I think instinctively he just knows that a fedora will make him irresistible to 'the ladies'.

He may be right.

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