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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Genius? Why, Thank You!

So we've established I've been mothering for a long time now and to a large group of people.

And one of the unique things about parenting is that you never know it all and even through almost two decades can continue to learn new tricks.

Perhaps a little discovery I made last week won't dazzle you all that much. Perhaps you have already thought of doing this yourself.

But let's just pretend that this is all new and fresh, shall we?

Thank you.

When we headed to the beach last week, I was not at all convinced that I would be able to sit down for even one minute. Toddler twins at the beach do not spell rest and relaxation.

Or is that just me?

Of course, the whole point in taking little ones to the beach is to let them enjoy the sand and surf, sunshine and seagulls.

And the whole point in going to the beach yourself is to have a bit of a break, a chance to take a deep breath and slouch in a beach chair.

So to honor both purposes of hitting the dunes, I re-purposed a baby item that has been featured on the blog before.


summer09 042

Yep, that's a baby yard, baby gate system, what-have-you. Yep, I took both sets we have and dragged them over the sand and set them up seaside. Yep, I put the twins in this pseudo-sandbox. Yep, they loved it. Yep, I got to sit in a beach chair for a while.

summer09 046

Yep, I do believe it is genius.

summer09 060

And I want to share my discovery with the world. You can use this idea too, should you be hosting wildly active and adventuresome toddlers at the beach. And, bonus points: I had to have burned some serious calories hauling this thing through soft sand.

Which should help justify all the beach-side Twizzlers I ate...
summer09 047

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