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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ol' San Antone....


This was my view at this time last week as Michael and I made a quick trip to San Antonio to celebrate our anniversary.

Mike treated me to a posh hotel right on the Riverwalk. We walked. We went to restaurants. We meandered.

It was just lovely.


We've been to San Antonio several times, but it is always a treat. The Riverwalk reminds me of a Spanish rendition of some of the towns I visited in Italy, little alleys and vistas, shops and pedestrians gracing each bend of the path.


And of course, like the good Texans we are becoming, we walked through the grounds of the Alamo. We've taken the tour on a few occasions and so just strolled through this time, but it always makes an impact.


The bottom portion of the walls of the Alamo are original and the lower portion of the long barracks also date from the time of the Battle.


The site itself goes back to 1718 when Franciscan priests founded it as the mission of San Antonio de Valero.
As in, 58 years before the Declaration of Independence was signed.


So I was little surprised to read that this guy thinks a trip to the Alamo is overrated.

Maybe he thinks history is supposed to be like an Indiana Jones movie.


I took particular photographic joy in taking shots of the bridges, the cornices, the statues which accent the pathways of the Riverwalk.


It seems there's always a pretty something to see around every bend.


Like this...


..and this...


and this...


But of course, there was one site on the Riverwalk this trip that was my very favorite, one that takes my breath away and makes me smile.

And makes my knees a little weak.

And that would be this one...


Yes, sir, that's my baby.

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