Julie Lyles Carr: Pins and Needles

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pins and Needles

Is that the sweetest little neck you've ever seen?

It belongs to my nephew MBL.

I never know, when I get to see him, if I will be welcomed as Super Auntie...or if he will ignore my very presence, not so much as a sneer coming my way.

This trip, I was apparently invisible.

But because I was invisible to MBL this time, I got to stalk him a bit. I love watching the interaction with he and his mother. He asks deep questions. She gives deep answers. He is her youngest and they have such a sweet bond.

He keeps me on pins and needles, this little man. I never know if I will be his favorite person, if I can buy his affection with expensive out-of-season blueberries, or if his disdain will be palpable.

But every now and then, he throws me a bone.

Every now and then.

I'll take it.

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