Julie Lyles Carr: Porta-Party

Monday, August 3, 2009


It's not that I found some great fun in being 9 months pregnant in the summer.

In July.

In Oklahoma.

But I somehow managed to have this experience three different times.

Did you know that it is a little warm?

In Oklahoma?

In July?

When you're 9 months pregnant?

That's a little piece of information you might want to tuck away.

So three of our kiddos have Middle-of-the-Summer Birthdays.

Which means, we've had to celebrate a couple of those days while on the road this summer.

6 of 8 got to spend her big day shopping at Sam Moon.

And 4 of 8 got to spend hers in Indiana with her much beloved cousin, CML.

CML and 4 of 8 were born in the same year, just 4 months apart. This was the first time they got to celebrate 4 of 8's birthday together on the actual real day.

Shopping seemed the appropriate way to commemorate this event.

Nothing says birthday like matching outfits from the mall.

And there's nothing sweeter than celebrating your special day with the cousin you count as one of your best friends.

Even if you have to drive a long, long way to do it.

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