Julie Lyles Carr: Time in a Bottle...er, uh....Bag

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time in a Bottle...er, uh....Bag

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Going on vacation is hard work.

And coming back is downright field labor.

I spent last night shoveling the last of the vacation vestiges from our master bedroom. Clothing that had migrated from suitcases to piles on the dresser. Sandals that left a mate under the bed. Travel bags of magazines, games, DVDs. Chargers of all varieties and stripes.

And yes, I've been home from our latest trip for a week and a half.

And then there are my purses.

I admit it...I'm a bag junkie. I just love me a good purse...and a good purse....and a good purse.

On my various travels this summer, I've carried a variety of bags, often taking at least one purse change with me.

Last night was the evening of reckoning. It was time to clean out the purses.

It was like cracking open time capsules.

In the patent red purse, tickets for a show. Mints from a restaurant a thousand miles away. An ATM receipt. The lens to a broken pair of sunglasses.

In the black leather bag, maps. Peanuts. Sand. Hair pins.

And receipts. Receipts from the coffee shop when I needed an extra caffeine jolt somewhere in Missouri. The valet receipt from the gorgeous hotel in San Antonio. The crumpled receipt from the worst McDonald's in America.

Maybe I'll keep that one to remind me to not stop there again.

And all that variegated pile a time capsule of memories from a summer that has flown too fast. All the little bits of the stuff of our travels, gathered, sorted, discarded, put away. And the little things I'm not sure yet where to put, the dried flower 6 of 8 picked for me in Michigan, the lucky penny 5 of 8 found. The collections that make up the discoveries and moments of those travel days.

Poignant, to be sure.

Except that right now, I'm just a bit more focused on how much work it takes to be a world national traveler.

Maybe I'll just watch a little more Travel Channel and call it good.

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