Julie Lyles Carr: To Have and To Hold

Monday, August 10, 2009

To Have and To Hold

Two decades.
Mike and I will pass that marriage milestone this week and our buddies SK and JK will hit the same mark next spring.
Twenty years.
While SK and JK were here visiting, I took the liberty of making a few shots to commemorate their upcoming Platinum Anniversary (yes, the twentieth anniversary is the plantinum one--it says it on about.com, so it must be true...)
What strikes me now is how relatively young we all were when we married. When I look at these photographs, when I look back at my and Mike's wedding album, I think about how there were things that could have been easier, dramas that could have been avoided, if we had only known then what we know now.
Which is silly, because we only know what we know now because we lived it and walked it out.
Some of the best marriage advice can't be read in a book.
It has to be earned.
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So, congrats to you, SK and JK, on your 19 & 1/2-going-on-twenty years. And toss up a couple of good wishes this week as Michael and I marvel that we have come to this Platinum Party. It goes without saying that we are all full aware that God's grace is the most important ingredient to this blended lives recipe.
A recipe that has a little bit of sour, a few crisp edges, a couple of lumps and a lot of sweet.


A lot of sweet.

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