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Friday, August 28, 2009

Wii, Wii...and a Winner!

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So we all know that I love educational resources and games, particularly things that leverage technology to get at a variety of learning styles. I reviewed a new website and computer game for JumpStart a few months back and was delighted when they contacted me recently about a new game.

A game for the Wii.

Specifically for the younger set, ages 3 to 6.

And educational no less.

Can you spell h-a-p-p-y?

This newest product from JumpStart is called Pet Rescue and is the first game of its kind for Wii that allows younger kids to enter the ranks of gamers. 6 of 8 was my game tester with older brother (and all-things-Wii-expert) 5 of 8 as her tour guide. The game is designed for one player and has simple enough movements of the Wii controller for younger kids to navigate easily. The graphics are bright and fun, but not so busy as to overwhelm younger minds. There are 30 games to reinforce numbers and letters, along with matching skills.

It had been my goal to bring you another review by 5 of 8 and 6 of 8 for this game. I like to let you hear reviews from the horse's mouth, so to speak. But I must tell you that this go-around, you're just going to get some full-out comedy. A concise review by 5 of 8 does come near the end of this video offering--and I must say, it's worth the wait....

And now for some exciting news: JumpStart is sponsoring a contest so that perhaps an Octamom reader might be able to win their very own copy for their spawn! Just go here for contest information and entry. If you're one of those organized souls who is already thinking this would be a great item to stick in the Christmas stocking (you organized thing, you) be sure and visit this link for more information about Pet Rescue.

As for our crew, this was a game well received. 6 of 8 was thrilled to play something geared more for her age range and I do think the twins will be playing in short order. And as a mom, I like the fact that the kids can be on the Wii like their older siblings with a product that reinforces the skills we are teaching with content that is appropriate to them. Viva la JumpStart!

As promised, I'd also like to announce the winner of the Smelly Laundry giveaway...Lucky Number 13, Becky, come on down! I've tried to access your blogger profile but keep hitting an error message.  Shoot me an email, Girl, and I'll get you in touch with those Smelly Washer folks, pronto! Congrats! And I must give a shout-out to Boy Mom to one of the funniest entry comments made to date. And I quote:

Dear Smelly Washer Folks,

I have 8 children as well, ALL BOYS. Not only am I daily faced with laundry batches that make Gulf Water Towels stenchy knees shake; but, I'm also dealing with trying to get out the smell of all the Axe related products boys douse themselves with in an appeal to the fairer sex, which I used to be until all this stinking laundry.

Please help me reclaim my olfactory sanity and my femininity. Send ME your product!
Boy Mom

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