Julie Lyles Carr: Wonder Lab Part 1

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wonder Lab Part 1

A couple of road trips ago, whilst visiting my brother and sister-in-law who live in the middle of the country, we loaded up the crew and visited a fantastic little place called Wonder Lab.

I would call it a children's museum, but that's really not an accurate description. It's a completely interactive science lab, a place where children can experiment with water, air, fog, magnets, bubbles, sound and light.

The twins were completely entranced by a pint-size gravity game in which a ball would descend through a series of ramps and tubes, making noise and music as it traveled.

This kept their attention for a long, long time. I'm thinking I need a wall like this in my house. Preferably far away from several major household appliances as those appliances are seemingly the only other thing I have found that will keep their attention for this long.

Another favorite was this incredible water table.

There was a clear cylinder with a pump at the bottom that created a whirlpool. The kids were able to drop balls into the cylinder and see the balls spin in the vortex.

They could feel the pull of the water as the cylinder would drain.

There's just something about a vortex...

...and water aprons...

There was also a whole host of amazing activities for the older kids...but that will have to come in a future post, seeing as how I shot over 90-some images of our outing. I figured it might overwhelm you a bit to sift through 90 images of Wonder Lab-ing.

What a courteous blogger I am, n'est pas?

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