Julie Lyles Carr: Wonder Lab, Part Two

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wonder Lab, Part Two

I get the feeling that sharing Wonder Lab with you may turn into some kind of made-for-Lifetime-Television-Multi-Episode Event. That's what happens when you go to a really cool place...and fill up half of your flash card with pictures.

As I told you yesterday, we visited this amazing little spot called Wonder Lab on our recent road trip and all the kids (and moms) got to engage in a little hands-on science. 3 of 8 felt like a magician using air to propel ping pong balls to his will.

His younger brother and cousins were appropriately impressed.

Then there was this configuration, a wall of hoses that contained strong airflow that could be changed and directed by turn certain levels. You could load a bandana into one of the chambers and watch it chase through numerous twists and turns before the bandana would come shooting out of the top.

This is another one of those exhibits that I really wish I could have on a wall at my house--you can't imagine how long kids will stand transfixed in front of this kind of stuff.

And while we're on the topic of Octamom Dream Home Decor...

This is a climbing, interconnected, lily pad sort-of-a-thing.

4 of 8 and 5 of 8 spent a fair amount of the morning scaling these heights.

I think I might need one of these in the house too.

And I haven't even shown you some of the exhibits that are on the second floor. And I've still got over 70 shots to go.

Are you in Wonder Lab overload yet?

But it does make me wonder. With all that we are spending on education these days, whether public, private or homeschool, it makes me ponder if this is the way that classrooms, learning environments, should be set up like this for young minds. When you observe the excitement that accompanies this kind of learning lab, it inspires me to rethink how I'm teaching, how funds are being spent, how kids are being taught.

Wonder Lab. It does make me wonder....

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