Julie Lyles Carr: Cyrogenic Ken

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cyrogenic Ken

So I open my freezer yesterday and this is what I find...
Can you guess?

Let me get a little closer...

Here, I'll turn him around for you...

And I was filled with so much laughter concern for Ken that I do believe I experienced some serious camera shake and blurred this shot.

My apologies.

No one seems to know how he got in there. I suppose he climbed in during the middle of the night. Perhaps it was his last wish to enter a cyro-freeze chamber. Perhaps in a hundred years, he will thaw to find the world a better place, a place where Barbie is still his one true love.

A place where Ken Dolls are anatomically correct.

So I did what any compassionate, exhausted mother would do.

I just put him back in the ice tray.

Sleep well, my prince.

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