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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

High Tech Pretend...

I suppose our generation of moms worried about it too.
Except then, it was over Barbie Dream Houses and the Barbie Winnebago and baby dolls that cried thanks to an inserted battery pack.

Concern that good old-fashioned pretend play was going out of style.

That somehow we kids would lose the ability to just take some old cardboard boxes and fashion the doll house of our dreams.

That we ran the risk of forgetting how to make pretend that the beloved baby doll was crying and to pretend that her little cloth diaper was wet.

So I guess it's sort of like that.

When 6 of 8 has her buddy AT over and this is what they choose to do.

comp lab1
What they are calling 'play'.

It's not all the time. There are certainly many an hour spent playing babies and house and girl cops and Barbies and chefs and dress-up.

But they do love their Club Penguin time.

comp lab2
It's one of the ironies. They sit across the table from each other, but interact as penguins on a server far, far away.

They're in the Matrix, I suppose.

comp lab3
But then I hear their shrieking giggles and I see them peeking over the tops of the computer screens, telling each other to 'pretend' this about a particular character and to 'pretend' that about another. And I remind myself that their little penguin playground is still just a place to conduct little pretend dramas that still require them to think beyond the present room, the present table, the present penguins. They do create a whole little world of wonder and intrigue.

It just happens to be predicated on an interactive data base.

comp lab4
And on a base of friendship.

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