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Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Bracing...

The good news from the orthopedist is that it doesn't look like 7 of 8 has any structural issues with her foot...we're a little sensitive on the subject given that 4 of 8 did that whole surgery thing last year for tarsal coalition.
The other news is that the orthopedist also suggested that we look into getting 7 of 8 a brace for her left foot and leg as she continues to make progress from the effects of the ischemic stroke she experienced in utero.

So it was off to the orthotic maker we went.

There's a whole sub-culture to the orthotic designer. I asked our orthotic specialist and she said that a lot of the people she has worked with and trained with are second and third generation orthotic specialists. It's one of those specialties that you may not even realize exsits...until you need it.

We had the casting for the mold made late last week and then received a call this week that the brace was complete.

fall '09 008

We went for a brace made in a light purple with butterflies.

It was that or light blue with butterflies.

There were about ten choices in 'boy' prints--trucks, camo, rockets, blue tie-dye, soccer...

I asked the orthotics specialist if this skewed pattern choice was because they saw more boy patients than girls. She said that, no, the numbers run about even, but that girls seem to be more willing to accept 'boy' patterns than the boys do the 'girl' patterns.


I'm gonna have to push the girl pattern agenda if this brace thing continues.

fall '09 009

4 of 8 had last year won the Octamom Family Prize for most expensive single footwear. She has now lost the crown to 7 of 8's fourteen hundred dollar beauty.

Good thing we had met our deductible.

So admire. Admire deeply. That purple butterfly pattern is gold.

fall '09 010

And if it helps straighten out that little left foot and put it in a better position for walking, it's worth every penny.

Every single one.

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