Julie Lyles Carr: Keys to the Kingdom

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Keys to the Kingdom

So I'm trying to get my writings and graphics prepared for this class and I hear a shriek from the dining room where we do our homeschool.

Yes, formal dining room slash school room.

It's super formal.


So the shriek is sounded. I round the corner and arrive at a scene of utter computer carnage.



Seven keys.

Peeled right of the laptop keyboard.

Laying discarded on the table.

Like Chicklets.


'Unchewed' may not be a recognized real word. It keeps lighting up my spell check. But I'm using it anyway. Such a rote rebel am I.


So it was off to Google to peruse tutorials on how to reattach computer keys. And apparently, Dell has lots of time to dream up new computer key attachments, because there are multiple methods for reattachment dependent on the configuration of the little brackets that reside under the keys. All I know is, a magnification lamp and tweezers were of the utmost importance in my experience.

We have a good lead on the Computer Key Culprit. Our security cameras caught these images:


...and this one...


..and this one, slightly more close-up...


From what we can tell, he favors feety pajamas and sports a spiky, wild hairstyle. He stands a little over two feet tall and usually sports an impish grin.

And he has struck again.

After this initial incident, two more keys were discovered to have been removed. Thankfully, they were quickly restored to their original keyboard position (now that I have keyboard repair skills...) but we must stop the mania of this keyboard maimer. Be on the lookout for this wily one....

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