Julie Lyles Carr: There's A Lizard in My Couch...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

There's A Lizard in My Couch...

That's a post title you don't see every day.

But I really do.

Have a lizard in my couch, that is.

I can prove it.


I'm sure the only reason the kids were taking the cushions off the couch was to surprise me by vacuuming the crumbs hidden there withal.



It seems more likely that it was for the purpose of a surreptitious pillow fight/fort building session.

But for whatever purpose, they found a little visitor there...


And this discovery, of course, brings deep questions to mind.

Such as...

Exactly how bad does your housekeeping have to be to attract lizards?

What is the homemaking maintenance schedule for discouraging lizard infestation?

Can lizards really survive on crushed Goldfish crackers?

How many more lizards may be secreted in the upholstery of other household items?

And so forth.


We instigated a catch-and-release program for this little reptile. It was a welcome break for the kids in the middle of their study time. And I have to admit, he was a cute little guy, as far as lizards go.

But I'm still really hoping that he doesn't have any siblings or parents who've set up a herpitarium under the cushions of the love seat....

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