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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Calling All Shoppers....

This is the most expensive shoe in our house.

Cute, huh?

We picked up 7 of 8's orthotic a couple of weeks ago and have been a'rasslin' with a couple of issues ever since.

Issue Number 1: 7 of 8 is not dazzled by this technology and would prefer not to wear this designer shoe.

Issue Number 2: Trying to find outer shoe wear and hosiery has proven a bit challenging.

Thankfully, I finally did find a couple of little pairs of shoes that I could fit over the orthotic on 7 of 8's left foot and that would still fit her non-orthotic wearing right foot. So I've got that piece of the puzzle a little more under control.

And we're working on wearing the orthotic more and more. 7 of 8 is still not dazzled...but she's putting up with it on a more frequent basis and for a longer amount of time.

So now, it's all about the socks.

I thought that finding knee-high socks should be the least of my problems when we brought this designer orthopedic wear in our home. Wrong.

Knee high socks would give a nice layer of protection up on 7 of 8's calf. She has a small amount of bruising from the top edge of the orthotic that runs along the back of her calf. We'll probably need to get that edge 'rolled' a bit to prevent further bruising, but knee high socks could also help.

Guess what I can't seem to find in the stores here?

I'm so surprised. In my view of the fashion world, knee high socks are pretty much only cute on little girls under the age of five. So why I can't seem to find any locally is beyond me.

Wal-Mart, no. Target, no. Costco, no. Shoe stores, no. T.J. Maxx, Ross's, Marshalls, no, no, no.

I was able to get her some tights and that has helped. But sometimes layering her in tights and then pants is a little much for our warmer climes. I thought about those baby leg warmers, but since they would have a 'seam' around the ankle, that would be a no-go...the tightness of the orthotic at the ankle in conjunction with that seam could cause further issues.

So, Dear Readers, I'm asking for your favorite on-line shopping spots. Or your ideas. You all were brilliant when it came to the recent Party Poopers post in getting the twins past their, uh, favorite past time. We've gone with the feety-jammies, diaper pin methodology that several of you suggested and we have experienced great success. Can we try for a repeat?

So give me your best suggestions, shopping and otherwise and I will thank you from the bottom of my little butterfly orthotic.

And I bet 7 of 8 will, too.


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