Julie Lyles Carr: The Maiming O' the Gourds

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Maiming O' the Gourds

Nothing like that time honored tradition of turning your kids loose in the backyard with sharp objects and garden vegetables...

Or are pumpkins technically fruit?

I forget.


The kids finally had their way with the orange squash. They had been begging me for two weeks to carve up these beauties and seemed genuinely shocked that pumpkins which have been gutted tend to have a shorter shelf life.

They were likewise amazed that I would be so cruel as to allow the pumpkins to exist outside in the rain.

Since pumpkins are only used to climate controlled indoor environments.

Like the grocery store.

Their pumpkins are still a work in progress. I'm hoping these Pumpkin Picassos and Maiming Monets will finish their masterpieces today so I can show off their handiwork.


And for next month...

We tackle ice carving.

Nothing will keep a kid's attention like a chainsaw....

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