Julie Lyles Carr: Nit Wits

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nit Wits

Louse Field Study.

Day 3.

In case you missed the Octamom Scalp Update from yesterday, let me catch you up.

We made a disturbing discovery on Monday. It seems that two of the kids have lice.


So we've done the shampoo thing and the OCD level of cleaning thing. And we've now moved on the Internet Cures.

Hence the Heavy Conditioner/Shower Cap methodology:


This theory states that if you douse the kids' heads in conditioner and let it sit for hours and hours, any parasite will be drowned in that wave of creamy goodness.

We don't think that 7 of 8 has any nits...but we're playing it safe. And the boys? I gave them close crew cuts.



And the photo shoot? Well, I figure that we might as well 'celebrate' the experience. 1 and 2 of 8 conducted the photo shoot and I think they did a stellar job capturing the glamor of the day.


And I figure that it's true beauty when you can show off your lice treatment with pizazz....

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