Julie Lyles Carr: Sock-cess!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009


I put out the call last week and you all delivered!

Many thanks to y'all for helping me track down knee-high socks in my warmer part of the country.

And 7 of 8's left calf especially thanks you.

We've gathered four pair made by Stride Rite, replete with butterflies and hearts and pink stripes. She wore her brace for seven hours yesterday, the longest stretch to date. And her calf looks great with that additional knee-high padding.

So we're blowing you a big cyber-kiss today, full of thanks for your sock sleuthing.

And we're heading to physical and occupational therapy, so we can show off how well 7 of 8 is maneuvering in her fancy new socks.

And you're part of that.

Thank you.

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