Julie Lyles Carr: You Say Tomato and I Say Echo....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

You Say Tomato and I Say Echo....

So I'm driving the receiving end of the dance school car pool and 6 of 8 and her best buddy AT are in full conversation from their perches in their booster seats in the back of the van. AT is chanting in full fall glory, "Five Little Pumpkins, Sitting on a Fence..." and is coaching 6 of 8 in the ways and means of successful fall rhyme chanting. 6 of 8 seems to get down the basics of the verse and she and AT start in again with gusto.

"Wait, wait," says AT. "I want you to echo. I'll start and then you can do it after me."

They resume, 6 of 8 chanting right along to AT's cadence.

"No, no, no," says AT. "You be the echo."

They try again.

No success.

At this point, 6 of 8 firmly says, "Well, never mind."

AT pleads, begs, and puts her friendship foot down. "Why won't you do it???!??!??"

And 6 of 8 calmly states, "I don't want to be the gecko."

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